Works 2011-2015
Sank Through Peacefulness
The Honey Spill
Green Paper Bag
Blue Eye
The Tearful Eye
The Broken Egg
Wax Paper and Jug
Plum Jam
Bowl of Duck Eggs
The Kitchen Window
Pea Soup
Pea Soup
Stones and Water
No More Yielding
The Nude Torso
The Breakfast Table
Remnants off Autumn
The Bed Sheet
Orange Chocolate
The Fruit Bowl
The Green Eye

Woman By Window Light
Woman on Bed
Orange and Reflection
Eggs on Concrete
Duck Egg on Picnic Bench
Bowl of Fruit
The Green Bottle
Egg on Tablecloth
Parmesan Cheese
Orange Peel
Wax Paper Still Life - RHA Annual 2012
Glass and Reflection
Bed Scene
Useless Objects
Broken Egg
Egg on a Plate
Wax Paper and Lemon
Lemon & Glass
Eggs on Concrete
Wax Paper and Eggs
Still Life with Wax Paper

Lemon and Glass
Still Life with Lemons
The Underwater Couple

The Mint Julep (Official drint of the Kentucky Derby)